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Technical Specifications

General GBConnected™ WMS Requirements

Administrative User: The Administrative User is the person managing the Web site(s).

The technical requirements for the Administrative User are:
  • Internet Explorer Browser (version 5.5 and up)
  • Pop-up blockers disabled

Web site Users: The Web site User is the person browsing the Web site(s).

Since the website content generated by GBConnected™ is cross-browser compatible, there are no special technical requirements to browse it.

GBConnected™ WMS Enterprise Edition

GBConnected™ WMS Enterprise Edition

The System Requirements specified for the GBConnected™ WMS Downloadable Edition also apply to the Enterprise Edition.  With this option, you have the ability to utilize the n-tier physical and logical model providing the option of separating the Client and Administration components using a local Intranet.  In any case, GreenButton's integration team will consult with your organization to design and develop the best deployment solution for your technical environment.

GBConnected™ WMS ASP / Hosted Solution

GBConnected™ WMS ASP / Hosted Solution

The General Requirements specified above represent all the system requirements needed.  As an Application Service Provider, allow GreenButton to manage the technical requirements for you.

GBConnected™ WMS Downloadable Edition

GBConnected™ WMS ASP

*Web site Service: The Web site Service is the system receiving the requests for and serving up the URLs (Web pages).

The technical requirements for the Web site Service are:

  • Microsoft Internet Information Service (IIS version 5.0 and up) on Windows 2000 (Professional, Server, and Advanced Server), Windows XP Professional, or the Windows Server 2003 family for both client and server applications:
    • ASP.NET Framework
    • Read, Write and Script Execute Permissions set at the website level
    • Optionally, the AspMaxRequestEntityAllowed could be increased to a value greater than 10485760 Bytes (10 MB)
*SMTP Service: The SMTP Service is the system that sends out emails.

The technical requirements for the SMTP Service are:
  • Small Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) enabled server.
*Database Service: The Database Service is the database system that stores and is queried for Web site content.

The technical requirements for the Database Service are:
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2000.
* The 3 Services (Website, SMTP and Database) can either be hosted on separate or on the same server.