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GreenButton is committed to offering our customers a technical support program with comprehensive support plan offerings, and tailored service level agreements.  GreenButton's technical support is designed to deliver the answers you require, when you require them, so that you can continue benefiting from your GreenButton software.

Support Programs

GreenButton offers full Service Level Agreements to all customers, with valid GBConnected™ software.  These programs can be renewed on a yearly basis, and are tailored to the needs of your organization.

GreenButton will provide customers with a timely priority assessment of application related technical issues, and based on the priority assessment will assign the appropriate response designation.  Technical issues are classified in 4 categories: critical, urgent, important, and minor.

To renew your GBConnected™ Service Level Agreement, or to purchase a Service Level Agreement for your valid GBConnected™ application, please contact our support team.