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GBConnected™: Enterprise Edition – Web Management System

The GBConnected™ Enterprise Edition Web Management System is a Web-based application that is installed directly within your technical environment.  Once integrated GBConnected™ will interface your organization with any required Web initiatives.  GBConnected™ is a highly secure application, residing behind three levels of security access, as a minimum.  The backbone of the application has undergone extensive vulnerability testing, and is powering some of the largest time-sensitive and security-sensitive organizations, in both the government and private sector.

Organizations of all scales understand that information is the vital lifeline between their company and their customers, potential customers, and stakeholders.  They also understand the need to efficiently and effectively deliver this vital information in a proactive manner by utilizing the powerful GBConnected™ Enterprise Edition.

The GBConnected™ Enterprise Edition Web Management System is a modular application enabling organizations to implement modules best suited to their needs, as the organizational needs expand the GBConnected™ Web Management System, with it’s scaleable framework, will easily accommodate these needs and seamlessly integrate third party applications.

Eliminate the technical dependencies; control your organizational Web initiatives without programming or technical knowledge, and experience the power of the GBConnected™ Enterprise Edition Web Management System, and its suite of modules: