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GBConnected™: Downloadable Edition – Web Management System

The GBConnected™ Downloadable Edition Web Management System shares the same technology foundation as the Enterprise Edition, and the Application Service Provider Edition.  The GBConnected™ Downloadable Edition is designed for organizations or individuals intending to handle the technical installation of the software within their technical environment.  The GBConnected™ Downloadable Edition’s wizard based installation easily steps the client through the application installation and deployment, the process of downloading the application, from the GreenButton Web site, installing the application software, and deploying the application as the backbone of your Web site in less than 10 minutes.

As a technical resource you understand the value in deploying a proven software application, an application that will seamlessly integrate into your technical environment without an interruption in your internal or Web services.  GreenButton’s wizard based installation tool will ensure your application is integrated and deployed in minutes.