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GBConnected™: Application Service Provider / Hosted Solution – Web Management System

The GBConnected™ Application Service Provider product offering enables any organization or individual the ability to deploy the same powerful suite of modules as contained in the GBConnected™ Enterprise Edition, but in a more cost sensitive manner.  The GBConnected™ Application Service Provider is a hosted solution, using GreenButton’s technical infrastructure, so rather than installing the full application within your technical environment, you can leave the hosting, server updates, and application updates to GreenButton.  Customers who deploy the ASP offering are unleashing the same Web site capabilities, and the ability to complete these Web site initiatives without the dependency of technical resources, or a technical environment.

Deploy the same application that the largest public and private sector organizations trust to deliver their content in a timely and secure manner.  Imagine the GBConnected™ Application Service Provider powering your Web site, with integration and deployment in less than one day, contact a GreenButton representative now, and discover the possibilities with the GBConnected™ Application Service Provider.