Web Management - Fuel for eCommerce

Information is obviously the key driving force of your Web presence, more specifically, accurate and timely information.  Web Management Systems are also playing a vital role in the reemergence of eCommerce, WMS applications enable organizations to target their specific markets with additional product related content, or cross reference associated products at the point of purchase.  The key is the ability to provide customers with as much useful and product specific information to assist in completing the transaction.  An all-in-one Web Management System will provide more than a simplified catalogue, but will allow organizations to cross promote, and provide information that otherwise would not be a part of the purchasing process.  Consumer demands dictate the market, but an organizations ability to retain content ownership allows for a quicker response to these demands.

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Paulo said:
I would add that companies actually seem to now have an overall understanding of how to sell items online. Instead of rushing to market with items that wouldn't sell from a stand let alone online.
8/16/2007 11:01:54 AM
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