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Web 2.0 more than Social Networking

How essential are Web 2.0 capabilities in your organizations Web Content Management system?  First off, it's important that Web 2.0 is understood, too much focus seems to be applied to the social networking features, but the real advantages may be less appealing or obvious.  The real improvements are experienced through efficient Web site user sessions, and the multi-directional interaction/communication between these user sessions and the host/server.  Combining user actions in an object that is then sent to the server as opposed to each action being sent to the server individually, this creates a much more pleasant user experience, and eliminates server strain.  Web 2.0 is also based around highly structured and well-defined standards that address both usability and accessibility requirements.  There certainly are benefits to the social networking abilities of Web 2.0, through the use of blogs, rss feeds, wikis, and other dynamic application, but the real benefits of improving a Web users experience are behind the scenes.

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