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About Us

April 2001.

Privately held.

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

The Company
GreenButton is a privately owned, Ottawa-based firm that develops Web-based software applications. GreenButton’s core application, GBConnected™, is a Web Management System (WMS) that enables non-technical resources the ability to fully manage all aspects of their organizations Web site(s), from publishing dynamically generated content in multiple languages, to creating sophisticated Web forms, to deploying the latest Web 2.0 social networking features.

Efficient, effortless, secure and timely delivery of organizational Web initiatives, with no technical dependencies.

To further enhance the capabilities of the GBConnected™ suite of Web-based applications, ensuring that organizational Web initiatives are always achieved, in the most efficient, effortless, secure and timely manner.

The Product
GBConnected™ Web Management System (WMS) is a Web-based application that enables non-technical resources the ability to manage all aspects of their organizational Web site(s).  GBConnected™ is available in multiple